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Homage to Tracey

It was an old but funny family joke that Tracey was found by her parents on the beach in the Caribbean as a young mermaid.  We had swimming pools in every house we owned as proof.  This piece is created from the same Western Maple as the previous whale tail project. Go to Art in the Barn to see the finished piece.  


All proceeds from the sale will be donated to in memoriam of Tracey and her love of the west coast.



Brazilian Black Mosaic

This rare metaconglomerate is approximately 1.7 billion years old.  Sediments from an old riverbed (granite, gneiss, and other metamorphic rock) were buried deep then transformed into this incredible stone.  Since the stone has several different hardness levels, it is quite difficult to grind and polish without creating gouges. However, the end result it amazing.  I'm currently polishing at 400 grit and moving up to 3000.  I'm searching for the perfect base as well.


Whale of an Abstract Vision

This piece of Western Maple has several bark inclusions and extreme spalting. I got to this stump before the wood became 'punky' and un-usable. However, the location of the bark inclusions make it structurally impossible to create an anatomically correct tail.  So we're going with an abstract version which I enjoy more anyway. The colours are amazing and will really make a statement piece.



I create primarily for myself. However, my work has been well received by buyers and critics alike; a fact I don’t take lightly. If you would like to discuss a collaboration, or if you have a commision in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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